WAWERU MBURU of ROYAL MEDIA is arguably Kenya’s most critical and to a great extend, the most objective political analyst in the country today. His acuity in analyzing and forecasting political, social and economic events in Kenya to the point, have earned him the enviable position of a seer. He educates millions of Kenyans daily on current events and gives the state a ‘common man’ position or point of view. Congratulations Mr Waweru Mburu. If Kenya had a special Medal of Excellence and Bravery, this is the person who should be bestowed such an honour.

Mr Mburu is among the few people in this country who can openly criticize MPs, the Prime Minister, President and any other Kenyan without fear. Mr Mburu makes my day and I always rush home to be by the radio to join him in his Radio Citizen program, Yaliyotendeka. If I miss in the evening one, I always track it down at 6.30AM the next day. Because of the unique importance of this special program, I appeal to Mr Mburu to explore possibilities of having the program translated and aired in English and on vernacular stations especially those in the Royal media family. I plan to buy a good mobile phone to access and save some special programs for future.

On the March 16, 2011, Mr Mburu said: siku ya kufa kwa nyani, miti yote huteleza. He was analyzing the extravagance with which the government is dispensing cash for the sake of 6 post election suspects at the expenses of other 40 million Kenyans. Mr Mburu says this is wastage because the government can not assist any ordinary Kenyans facing a court case. In his programs, Mr Mburu has strongly opposed the mass issue of suspects and criminals claiming tribal persecutions.

Earlier on Jan, 2011 program, Mr Mburu disparaged the badness of our MPs who are shaming our country: they don’t attend parliament, they have abandoned the cause of justice and service to the people, they have apportioned humongous salaries for themselves, are involved in raising taxes for Kenyans, and pass time discussing issues of less value and urgency to the country. It is these MPs who are plotting to scuttle the implementation for the New Constitution.

In that special program, Mr Mburu wished that all these MPs could be assembled in Parliament and then the Almighty God would strike them with thunder. Only a courageous person can say such words. It is for this that I now call upon Royal Media Company to offer Mr Mburu a special promotion and salary increase. I have never been to Royal Media studios but I hope one day God will make it possible for me to visit and see how Mr Mburu records his programs. I call on Kenyan to rise up give Mr Mburu three special claps for a job well being done: One….Two….Threee….. God bless Mr Mburu. God Bless Kenya.